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IonFlux automated patch clamping instrument

IonFlux provides an automated, high throughput solution for ion channel drug discovery and research. The system utilizes Fluxion's Well Plate Microfluidics™ (WPM) to conduct high content patch clamping analysis in a convenient and flexible well plate format.

Ion channels represent an important yet under-represented drug target class due to the lack of available high-throughput screening approaches. Manual patch-clamping, the “gold standard” for performing cell electrophysiology, is a labor-intensive technique that is too slow to be used for drug screening, while first-generation automated electrophysiology systems are expensive and performance-challenged.

Fluxion has addressed these limitations with the IonFlux Automated Electrophysiology System. The IonFlux system eliminates the need for intermediate pipetting steps during the recording protocol and allows the system to be configured like a plate reader, simplifying workflow and increasing throughput. The IonFlux system delivers these advantages:

  • The highest level of throughput (to 10,000 data points per day)
  • Suitable for use with all ion channels including ligand-gated (compound exchange <50ms)
  • The lowest cost per data point (as low as $0.30 per data point)

Lateral-patch technology optimizes performance and throughput
The IonFlux system utilizes a unique microfluidic design to provide automated cell introduction, trapping, sealing, whole-cell formation and precise current recording protocols. IonFlux plates are available in 96-well and 384-well formats. The plates look and handle just like standard well plates. However, the bottom of the plate has been replaced with a channel network that connects the wells with a series of tiny channels for cell and compound introduction. The instrument includes an interface that mates to the plates and provides pneumatic flow control. Integrated electrodes are inserted into the wells for voltage clamping. Recordings are taken from 20-cell ensembles to increase robustness and throughput. Pharmacology is improved by recording the full range of concentrations from the same group of cells.








IonFlux System Configurations

IonFlux HT- Highest throughput, plate reader simplicity

A fully integrated ion channel recording system that delivers unrivaled throughput, performance and economy. The IonFlux HT is a fully automated electrophysiology system with 64 amplifiers, 20-cell ensemble recording from 384-well IonFlux plates, and throughputs of 10,000 data points per day (2-3 plates per hour). The system is ideal for high throughput screening of ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels.

IonFlux 16 - The most economical automated patch clamp system available

The system includes 16 amplifiers and can run 2-3 96-well plates per hour. Throughput of 2,500 data points per can be achieved. The system’s economical price makes it suitable for individual labs that have until now been limited to manual systems.